The Pros in the ventilation system
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Rockwool with aluminum foil

Rockwool slab

Rockwool with wire mesh

Straight copper pipe

Coil copper pipe

Copper Fittings


Rigid Pipeline Insulation

Rooftop Ventilator Fan

Axial Blower

Exhaust or Extract Fan

In-line Fan

Polymer flange

Zinc corner

U- flange

h - flange

PID - board


Canvas Connector

Flange Profile

Armaflex Tape

Silicone Duct Sealant

Gasket Tape

Evistik Gum

Aluminum Foil Plain Tape

Aluminum Foil Reinforce Tape

Beam clamp

U - channel

Threaded Rod

Corner Piece

G clamp

Non-insulated Duct

Flexible Hose

Flexible Duct

Semi-rigid aluminium Flex-duct

Internal Fiber

Fiber Glass

Linear Bar Grille

Aluminum Square Air Damper

Gravity Flap

Door Grille

Ceiling suspended disc

Linear Slot Diffuser

Return Air Grille

Plastic cover Grille

Roundball Jet Nozzle

Wall Exhaust Air Louvre


Round Air Diffuser

Square air diffuser